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The acronym IFWE that represents this fine institute (The Institute for Women's Empowerment) causes us to think as women, "what if we?" If we knew the power that lay within us, we would strike down every enemy that seeks to destroy us. If we understood the destiny that is unfolding before us, we would pursue it with more drive and purpose. If we were wise enough to discern that 'this is our time,' with all that is good, we could conquer the world! (Rev. Dr. Gail J. Randolph-Williams, Co-Pastor, The City Church of Philadephia and Director, The Priscilla Institute at the Hestenes Center for Christian Women in Leadership, Palmer Theological Seminary)


The Institute for Women’s Empowerment, Inc. (IFWE, Inc.) was established in February 2004. It is the outgrowth of a doctoral practicum research study conducted by the founder in Spring 2004 that examined the Impact of a Pilot Women’s Empowerment Program on Female College Students. The pilot prgram employed a curriculum that reflected on current issues and themes that focus on empowerment.


The purpose of The Institute for Women's Empowerment, Inc. (IFWE) is to support the personal, social, academic, and leadership development of women from diverse communities, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds representing the tri-state area and beyond. This organization emerged as the result of the growing demand for programs and services designed to meet the developmental needs of women who are struggling with issues that affect their ability to become self-empowered and to achieve in a variety of arenas.


IFWE's primary goal is to serve as an innovative educational vehicle designed to equip women from diverse backgrounds with the tools to empower themselves. In doing so, women are encouraged to use the tools to prioritize options, make appropriate life choices, and enhance their personal, social, professional, and academic pursuits.


The mission of IFWE is to identify and meet the development needs specific to women from diverse economic, educational, social, and professional backgrounds.

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